Q: What are waist beads for?

A: Traditionally, in African culture waist beads are worn for multiple purposes like expression of femininity, healing, protection, rights of passage during puberty, baby naming ceremony, maintaining the figure, and intimacy with a husband or lover.

In short, waist beads are for whatever you want them to be!


 Q: How does waist beads help with weight loss/ management?

 A: Waist beads are an excellent tool to monitor and keep track of your weight/ size. Beads will become tighter, roll up or pop in result to weight gain. On the contrary, if the waist beads begin to fall lower on your waist that's a sign that there is weight loss. 

 This is why a lot of women really like waist beads as a simple tool to use during their weight loss journey, or just as a size monitor


Q: How do I measure myself for waist beads?

 A: Using a measuring tape, place tape exactly where you want your beads to fall (ex: waistline, high hips, hips). Where the zero and the other number meets is your size in inches. 


Q: Can waist beads be made with different material?

A: Waist beads are tie-on only unless specified under the description.


Q: Can I bathe in my waist beads?

A: Yes, you can bathe in your waist beads. Please keep in mind that color may fade. See Care Instructions for more details.


Q: How long will it take to make my waistbeads?

A:Typically it takes 2-10 business days to finish depending on the amount of orders before yours.


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: All shipping is by USPS and takes 2-3 days for US orders. Orders are packed and shipped Monday- Friday only. Orders placed weekend and holidays are processed on the next business day.


Q: Can I return my waist beads?

At this time, all sales are final. See Return Policy.