Color Meanings

Wear what you want to attract...

It is believed that colors in waistbeads can help to manifest things in your life. Below are some of the common themes I found the colors share. 


Red – Love, Passion, Strength, Power

 Pink – Affection, Friendship, Femininity

 Orange – Happy, Energetic, Fun, Optimistic

 Yellow – Friendly, Creativity, Communication

 Green – Prosperity, Health, Abundance, Nature

 Blue – Peace, Hope, Healing, Patience, Truth

 Purple – Wisdom, Royalty, Intuition

 White – Purity, Imagination, New beginnings

 Black – Protection, Regeneration

 Grey – Neutrality, Stillness, Introspection

 Gold – Success, Courage, Setting Boundaries

 Silver – Openness, Intuition, Stable